Tournament Design


  • Player capacity-how many players can register?
  • Bracket Formation-should brackets be large of small? Double elimination?
  • Scheduling-how many hours will each day run?
  • Software selection and training

Basic pickleball tournament formats and size limitations

This short course can be done in person or online using Zoom. It will cover how you can design a tournament for your club or community. It will take one hour and it will permit you to figure out if having an event is practical financially and how many players you can handle.

The tuition is $50 and you can decide if you wish to proceed to actual tournament design with The Pickleball School.

How to set up and run a tournament

This course will explain sanctioned and unsanctioned tournament options, play formats and officiating needs. This course will require two hours of your time and it can be done in person or on Zoom with one or more attending.

The tuition is $100 for the session, regardless of the number attending.

Tournament Consulting

We can assist a tournament director in estimating how many players a facility can handle and what kind of brackets should be considered. We can also assist with the selection of software, if any is needed, for a particular tournament and provide guidance on software operation. The hourly fee for this assistance is $100.00 and most events can make substantial planning progress in one hour of consulting.