A Calibrated Sound Level meter

  Six Pickleball models in order of loudness

The audio spectrum of a typical pickleball hitting a common paddle type. Note the major component at about 1050Hz or near music note C6

A drone photo of a set of courts entirely enclosed in 12 ft. high absorbing sound barrier from eNoise Control


Sound Mitigation
and Consulting Services and Fees

The consulting services cover:

  • Court construction and surface completion
  • Google earth site analysis and sound level estimates
  • Sound mitigation
  • Onsite assistance
  • Reflecting sound barriers
  • Quiet paddles and balls
  • Absorbing sound barriers
  • Compliance with ordinances
  • Pickleball sound level predictions
Basic sound barrier
 New courts with 12 ft high heavy duty fencing
This is a close up of tan absorbing sound barrier made by eNoise Control. after installation
We can estimate and measure sound levels associated with pickleball. Prior to construction, an estimate of the expected sound levels can be made using Google Earth to study the terrain and separeations between courts and homes. Mitigation of pickleball sound can be applied to existing courts and an analysis of the estimated benefits can be done.
Sound mitigation uses a variety of solutions including sound barriers.  Sound barriers function by reflecting and absorbing sound. The height of a barrier is importrant since sound can travel over a barrier and remain at anoying levels.  Wind Screens and shrubs are not very effective in reducing sound levels but other options exist. Consult with us for solving your sound problem.The Pickleball School also offers paddle sound testing and recommendations on paddle selection for lower sound levels. Paddle model testing costs $25/model to be tested and a report on relative sound performance is the result.

Click the link below to view a pickleball sound level tutorial

Consulting Fees

An analysis of existing or proposed courts using Google Earth can provide an estimate of the sound levels and a comparison to local ordinances and normal community standards for noise. This initial analysis and estimate of sound levels is priced at $100.00 and additional consulting is available at an hourly rate.

Sound Level Tutorial