Player Classes
with Certified Instructor Laurel Heilman

Laurel offers classes for “newbies” to helping more advanced players be tournament ready. Classes range from 1 hour to 90 minutes and private instruction to small groups of 4. Laurel teaches the “HOW“, “WHEN“, and most importantly the “WHY” of each skill needed play this game as well as strategy and tactical information and tips.


  • PB101

  • This is an Introduction of Pickleball class for those who have never played or have played only a couple of times. Topics covered include; safety, equipment, rules, scoring, grip and paddle control, court positioning, stroke technique and tactics, and basic match play.

  • PB102

    This is a class for players who have basic knowledge of the game with some match play who are looking to improve their technical skills and tactical strategies. Topics covered include; shot #1 (the serve), shot #2 (the return), shot #3 (forehand and backhand groundstrokes), and shot #4 (push volleys).

    Also court positioning, the soft game, the lob game, overhead smash, and transitioning to the NVZ will be introduced.

  • PB103
    Tournament Ready
    “0-0-2 GAME ON!”

    These is a classes are for those players who are ready to step up their game working on advanced strokes and tactics for possible tournament level play. Topics covered can include; stepping up the soft game, drop volley, attacking/counterattacking, resetting the point, roll shots, 3rd shot drops vs 3rd shot drives, backhand and forehand slice, and transitioning to the NVZ, and game play. In addition, tourney pre-match briefing, server/receiver faults, the appeal process, and other refereed/non-refereed match tournament tips.

  • PB103.1
    DRILLING with a player or our ball machine

    A session of progressive drills, with limited technique coaching. Pick the skill(s) that you want to focus on. Hit a lot of balls!

  • PB104
    1.5 hr session $25/player

    4 players, 1 coach. Game play with coach stopping play as needed to discuss tactics, choices made, player positioning, partner play, technique tips, use of time-outs, etc.




  • BM100
    ½ hour session. $25/session (no coaching)

    Use the ball machine to practice to practice various shots by getting a lot of repetitions! Ability to set up drills to work on footwork, proper form, and stroke execution for drinking, push and drop volleys, groundstrokes, mid-court resets, plus more.

  • BM101
    $15/person paid in advance ($60 total/person)

    Coach will oversee a 4-week series of progressive drills Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced sessions; up to 4 players/session