The Pickleball School
Officiating Curriculum

These Courses are Tuition Free

The courses features:

  • Instructed by Bob Unetich
  • Line judging and referee skills
  • Officiating practice
  • Preparations for becoming credentialed
  • No tuition – supplies fee only
  • Group sessions for five students are ideal but other class sizes can be accomodated

Ref 100
Intro to Officiating

This 1 hour introductory officiating course will introduce you to the way that you can become a credentialed pickleball official. It covers line judging (the first step towards being an official), basic referee duties, how refs apply the Rules to matches and how to become rated Level 1, 2 and how to become Certified.

It is taught by Certified Ref Bob Unetich and can be done indoors or outside if the weather permits. A “typical class has from 4 to 6 students and the course tuition is zero!

Ref 101
Line judging and introductory referee officiating

This is a three hour course (with breaks) that will teach you all of the basic procedures of being a line judge and referee and it includes one hour of on-court practice where you will call and keep the score. Tuition: Free but there is a $25 fee for supplies and you will receive your own clip board, server clip, a supply of scoresheets and a USA P Rulebook. USA Pickleball membership is required.

There is a minimum class size of 4 students and a maximum of 6.

Ref 102
How to use and mark the scoresheet

This 3 hour course will cover all of the markings and procedures that refs need. It will include an hour of on court ref practice and some line judging practice. The tuition is free and there is a $20 charge for supplies which includes an Officiating handbook.

The same class size limitations apply but exceptions may be made. Instructors include Bob and Diane Unetich (certified refs).