About the Pickleball School

The Pickleball School is all about learning how to play and how to build community friendly pickleball courts. Lessons can be arranged in two ways: check our signup genius site and select times and skill sessions that are right for you. Or, contact us to arrange a custom session. If you are brand new to pickleball, you might try one of our beginner sessions which can range from one to two hours long. We have loaner paddles, so the only thing you need is a pair of court shoes and, in fact, The Pickleball School offers Tyrol shoes that are great for pickleball court play.

Coach Laurel
IPTPA, PCI and PPR Instructor

For almost half of my life, I was a collegiate women’s basketball coach (Slippery Rock University, Allegheny College, Clarion University, and University of Rochester) where I spent the majority of time teaching young ladies how to play the game. Coaching and Teaching go hand in hand, and helping develop skill improvement through fundamentals, proper progressions and drill sessions is my strength. I’ve just switched sports to my new passion… PICKLEBALL!I first saw this “Game with a Funny Name”, Pickleball, a few years ago, when my 88 year old Dad was playing the game! As soon as I saw it and tried it just for one day, it was love at first site! Pickleball is a game that is very easy to learn, but extremely hard to master.

Besides knowing the proper strokes necessary to play this game, I also prefer to teach the “HOW“, “WHEN“, and most importantly the “WHY” of each skill needed play this game as well as strategy and tactical information and tips. I can teach 1-on-1, in semi-private groups, or in a group situation.

Coach Bob
Managing Director

Bob is the founder of The Pickleball School. He is also a licensed professional engineer in Pennsylvania and he has been active in helping communities to design and install pickleball courts that minimize the sound level at nearby residences.   Bob is a 1968 graduate of Carnegie Mellon, a USA Pickleball Ambassador-at-large and a USA Pickleball Certified Referee. He was a pickleball instructor for New Horizons of Florida for several years, where he introduced middle school and high school students to the sport. He is currently the facebook admin for a group called Pickleball Noise (Mitigation), that works with communities and individuals who are concerned about pickleball sound.

Bob is also the author of Pickleball Magazine’s Rules Guru page. Feel free to email rules questions to: bob@thepickleballschool.com