NOTICE: We are temporarily not able to provide lessons on site. We must obtain a “Conditional Use Permit” from our township before we can resume. We hope to have this permit before the Spring of 2022. We are sorry for this inconvenience and we hope to help you to learn how to play pickleball soon!

Coach Laurel
IPTPA, PCI and PPR Instructor

I first saw this “Game with a Funny Name”, Pickleball, a few years ago, when my 88 year old Dad was playing the game! As soon as I saw it and tried it just for one day, it was love at first site! Pickleball is a game that is very easy to learn, but extremely hard to master.

Besides knowing the proper strokes necessary to play this game, I also prefer to teach the “HOW“, “WHEN“, and most importantly the “WHY” of each skill needed play this game as well as strategy and tactical information and tips. I can teach 1-on-1, in semi-private groups, or in a group situation.


Bob Unetich
Managing Director

Bob is the founder of The Pickleball School. He is also a licensed professional engineer and he has been active in helping communities to design and install pickleball courts.  He has been instrumental in designing methods of mitigation the sound of pickleball, which is a problems that some communities face.

Bob has experience teaching people to play pickleball, including children as young as 10 years old and people with disabilities.

Bob also offers training in officiating pickleball.